4.5 Budget Friendly Face Products with Visible Effects for all Skin Types

Hello Darlings,

I am well aware this post has been written million times over from super affordable – easily accessible products to sponsored posts for products that cost an absolute fortune, HOWEVER I have actually came up with quite simple, budget friendly and effective skin care routine that will give you effects and can be applied to all skin types. If this sounds like something you’d like, then keep on reading.

For years I did not have a skin care routine. (Say, what?!) I know in this day & age if you don’t have a “Skin Care Routine” you’re nobody. (Of course I’m joking, but you know what I mean). Since I can remember my routine was: Face Wipes to Remove Make – Up (Oh, God!), Regular Soap to “cleanse” and the navy Nivea Face Cream as “moisturizer”. Now, there’s actually nothing wrong with Nivea products and during cold winters in Poland when we are talking about at least -15 degrees, they are like a God send, but if you want an effective face of make-up this isn’t your ideal product.

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DIY: Distressing a Pair of Jeans

Hi there,

Today I am back with a short but sweet DIY Post on how to distress a pair of jeans/denim trousers.

Items needed:

  • Pair of Jeans
  • Sand Paper (optional – read step 2)
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Tweezers

The jeans I used for this project is an old pair of Primark jeans. You can use any pair of jeans, however I’d suggest if this is your first time use one of the cheaper ones you have to ensure you don’t ruin a good pair.

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What does your wedding scent say about you?

Happy Thursday-it’s-almost-Friday-y’all!

Today’s post is aimed at all of you future Mrs. to be. I still have few wedding related post ideas floating in my head, however now that I am the aul ball-and-chain I don’t think I should be setting up a complete separate wedding section. This well will dry soon and that will then just be useless.

Choosing your wedding perfume can be quite a big decision despite what some people say. Some brides don’t put a lot of thought into it and are quite happy to use their day-to day perfume and that is OK too. For me, I knew I wanted something special; something that will be just for that day; unique; powerful and will forever remind me of our special day whenever I sense it.

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