In search of the perfect work wear

Hi Everyone,
This week I thought I’d talk to you about work wear. Ever since I was over & done with saving for my wedding I finally could start spending some cash on much needed wardrobe revamp!! This post was inspired by huge feedback after I showed you my new navy/white work top from Dunnes Stores on Snapchat (joanna.stich). That is when I realized I am not the only person who is obsessed with cute work wear and things that come with it.
One of the first things I needed in my wardrobe is some work wear as we all know wearing the same tops to work over and over again can get boring…. and slightly embarrassing.  Penneys to the rescue! Joking, if you want something of good quality that will last, you do need to invest in some statement pieces and I thought I would share with you some of the pieces that caught my eye online.

Pink has truly taken over my wardrobe lately hence why I am suggesting these two options. They are super feminine and would also go well with a nice pair of skinny jeans for after work drinks. The ruffles aren’t too big and they will fit perfectly under a suit jacket.
These two tops are both from Nordstrom and can be found here & here.
This next top below is more affordable as it comes from H&M. I do actually find that even though H&M in only slightly dearer than Primark it’s quality seems to be much better and the color lasts longer. H&M is usually my first stop for work wear and they do nice fitted shirts and tops, not only the baggy ones.  There’s nothing worse than a shirt that’s not fitted. (My pet peeve)
Now something for lovers of “higher shelf” brands, how gorgeous is this Chloe blouse? I can’t even deal with the velvet bow such a nice touch. I think this is my favorite one out of them all and it still doesn’t break the bank….well not that much! I love how the collar gives it this French Chic and Sophistication, however the bow keeps it very funky and feminine. This would go well paired together with a pair of strappy heels and black 3/4 length trouser pants.
Now that we have our tops covered we need to find the matching….bottoms! These Tibi Trouser Pants at Neiman Marcus will definitely make you look like a Boss Babe…. But they will set you back around $700! Crazy I know, right?
What’s good about them? Personally, I love the little almost non-existent “belt”  that will keep them in place on your waist. Well fitted high waisted suit pants can be super flattering. I also like the length of these as it gives this illusion of a longer leg.
These next 3/4 lengths are to die for! This is something definitely up my street and much more affordable than the Tibi above. Very flattering and figure hugging. 3/4 lengths are in this season and I believe they will be rocking the shops until mid autumn at least! They are plain, so in effect they are a perfect pair to throw on with a statement pair of heels and you’re ready to rock in a bar! These retail for approximately €45.00 from NA-KD.
If you decide to go all out and like to mix up the color a little, I’ve decided to throw in a pair of…. baby pink suit pants! In fairness it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. For those who have the “luxury” of being able to wear multicolored suits to work KUDOS to you, I am yet to enter that era. At the moment for me it’s an all black suit and I can get creative with my tops only. However who is to say I can’t “dream” about colorful pants on my blog? Without further ado, I present you with these Mango Suit Pants. They retail at an approximately €25.00, it’s an amazing price given the brand.
[Click On Each Photo To be Directed to The Retailer]
I hope you guys liked this type of post, I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much for all your ongoing feedback as this triggered an idea for this post. You can catch me on day to day basis on Snapchat (joanna.stich) where I usually show you more things I don’t necessarily put up on the blog itself.
Until next time!
Joanna x

* This article contains affiliate links. This does not cost you anything, it does not make the product more expensive. It means I get a percentage of a commission for purchased items.

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